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About Us

Well to talk about us, recognizing the need of spiritual support for people suffering from various types of mental and physical ailments, obstacles and dissatisfaction, Hruday Consultants By Bhavay Sood came up with Healing World™, a resource center for healing techniques like Reiki , Lama Fera, Karmic Reiki, Asht Lakshmi Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and related products like Reiki Crystals and spiritual products. Patrons of spiritual healing and apprentices in this field can get instructions and guidance regarding correct ways of practice and use of equipment in order to get the best results and also acquire the skills of healing themselves with training from our qualified experts.

Our Vision

With our experience and expertise in spiritual healing and well being, we aim to deliver accurate and effective results to each client and help them overcome misery, fear, and discomfort of every kind and help them tap their true potential in order to lead happy and fulfilled lives. We strive for excellence in healing and helping everyone in this world through the divine gift of Healing as well as by guiding our clients about suitable crystals to overcome the problems in their lives.

 Our Founder’s Journey

One would often see youngsters engrossed in balancing studies and social life and seeking fun without any worries of the world. However, Bhavay Sood, founder of Healing World took a keen interest in spiritual sciences and was always eager to learn about esoteric things. He taught himself the art of reading Tarot Cards at the ripe age of 16 and predicted many future events accurately. A crucial phase of his life came in the year 2010, right before joining Infosys after his Engineering where he started helping people through his divine guidance using Tarot free of cost and later by starting to advance spiritually on the path of Reiki. Initially, he intended to help people in his spare time but his interest grew by multiple folds with practice. Then came the point where he decided to take up practice professionally. And today, Bhavay Sood is a leading Reiki Professional & Tarot Consultant with years of experience and mastery. At present he is a Grandmaster in the following techniques:
1. Reiki
2. Lama Fera
3. Asht Lakshmi Reiki
4. Karuna Reiki
5. Karmic Reiki
6. Mahamrityunjay Healing
7. Kundalini Healing
8. Ascended master Healing
9. Magnified Healing

Bhavay Sood is also the founder of following healing modalities and those are :
1.Nav Durga Siddha Healing
2.Asht Vinayak Siddha Healing
3.Mahamrityunjay Siddha Healing
4.Lakshmi Narayan Kawach
5.Sai Raksha Kawach healing
6.Bal Hanuman Kawach healing
7.Kamakhya Raksha Sutra Healing
8.MahaKali Raksha Sutra Healing
9.Shri Ram Bhakt Raksha Sutra Healing
10.Navgrah Shanti Kawach healing

Another flair that he is blessed with is the profound knowledge regarding the use of crystals. The crystals recommended and given by him to his clients were as if programmed like a computer chip specifically made for his clients and showed visible proofs in short periods of time. This success further motivated him to expand his reach online via brand Healing World™.
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