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Our Speciality

What Makes Healing World the right choice for you?

  • At Healing World we provide reiki training to our students in individual classes or in groups of 2 to 3 people. Other teachers usually keep Reiki classes for at least 20 to 50 people in one batch. Even with smaller batches, our charges are low compared to others which contribute to our speciality.
  • We do not support MYTHS spread by some people for their own benefit. There are many misconceptions such as one cannot practice Reiki at night and one cannot heal others after learning Reiki. We are here to spread God’s light in all directions and we encourage every member at Healing World to do so.
  • The Laws of Reiki established by Mikao Usui are strictly followed which require teachers to receive something from the students as ‘energy exchange’ to avoid Bad Karma. A nominal fee is charged by us to avoid Bad Karma on our side as well as the student’s side. This is so because Reiki is a life-changing technique and learning it without giving anything in return will be a Karmic debt on both the student as well as on the teacher. There are people who provide Reiki teaching for free on social media sites but it has been seldom noticed that the students and their teachers have come across problems such as illness after doing so. Therefore, to avoid any negative effects in the future, we have made it mandatory to receive charges from students.
  • In order to make students truly self-reliant and self-sufficient in changing their lives, we teach the course thoroughly along with many other benefits that other teachers do not provide.

With years of practice and expertise, we have experienced how beneficial Reiki can be, in making lives better and how Reiki training in India can be empowering, and our speciality is that we are wholeheartedly committed to impart this knowledge and spread it further, enhancing lives of as many people around us as we can.