Haldi Mala

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Energized Haldi Mala –Haldi mala is a very auspicious and a very powerful mala for various reasons. Haldi is considered as very auspicious as per various sacred texts and it has various medicinal properties and is helpful for curing various health issues and the use of haldi mala heals your mind, body and soul to a great extent. Haldi mala has tremendous healing powers that can transform you and your life, if your planet Jupiter (Guru) is not strong in your astrological chart then this mala is best for you.

Product description

  • Mala has 108+1 bead and is very auspicious mala for chanting mantras.
  • Mala is energized in in Asht Vinayak siddha Healing and Mahamrityunjay siddha healing.
  • Please note that mala beads may or may not have natural holes in it as haldi beads may or may not have natural holes in it.

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  • A very auspicious mala which can be used for mantra chanting of Lakshmi ji and Vishnu ji.
  • It is believed that Haldi mala increases immunity and is helpful in healing various diseases.
  • It is believed that chanting the mantras of Ganpati using this mala heals your life obstacles and problems.
  • Keeping this mala on work table wrapped in yellow cloth helps you in attracting new opportunities and abundance.
  • It is believed that Haldi/Turmeric mala benefits people stucked in legal matters and it also helps in removing differences among friends or family members.
  • It also has a positive effect on state of mind, reduce stress and tensions.
  • This rosary is used to pray Goddess Baglamukhi.
  • If your planet Guru / Jupiter is not auspicious then chant the mantras of planet Guru from this mala and wear this mala it helps alot.
  • Helpful in all around success and new opportunities.
  • Keep the mala at a clean or dry place.
  • If you are using this mala for wearing then make sure remove it during the bath time.
  • If you are keeping this mala in your home temple or worktable then wrap the mala in yellow cloth and then keep.

Origin: INDIA


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