Panchmukhi Rudraksh Bead

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Energized Panchmukhi Nepali Rudraksh bead – A Very Divine rudraksh that is ruled by Lord Shiva and is the rudraksh ideal for students, singers, public speakers and a person seeking spiritual growth. It is ruled by planet Guru (Brihaspati) and is good for students as well as people who are looking for spiritual growth.

Product description

  • This Rudraksh bead is energized and blessed in Mahamrityunjay Siddha healing.
  • Bead size 20 mm to 23 mm approx.

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Primary Benefits
  • Sudden/uncertain fear can be eliminated with the power of this Rudraksh.
  • Relieves you from the malefic affects of planet Guru in your life.
  • This rudraksh blesses its wearer with inner peace and fame.
  • It is believed to be used for water therapy where it’s importance is felt by direct consumption.
  • It is believed that it protects from all type of diseases.
  • All types of fear are warded off after wearing this rudraksh.
  • Panchmukhirudraksh is good for students, writers, teachers and even journalists.
  • It is beneficial for those students as well who are planning for sitting in competitive exams.
  • One of the best rudraksh for spiritual growth, it blesses the spiritual seeker with inner wisdom as well as inner connection if he meditates on PanchmukhiRudraksh or use the Panchmukhirudraksh mala for mantra chanting or meditation.
  • It brings happiness and peace in its wearers life.
  • It is helpful for singers and public speakers.
  • Avoid wearing the Rudraksh while bathing.
  • Avoid brining the Rudraksh in contact with soap etc.
  • Wear this rudraksh bead either in red or orange thread.

Origin: NEPAL


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