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Energized 4 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksh bead (Size 21-23 mm approx)

 650.00  599.00



Energized 4 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksh bead (Size 21-23 mm approx).This bead is ruled by Brahma and is best for Actors, Students, Teachers, Researchers, Public speakers and those who work as scientists.This Rudraksh is associated with knowledge and wisdom.

# 4 Faces (Mukhi) Rudraksha improves learning powers

# Four Mukhi Rudraksha bead signifies knowledge, understanding and creativity

# 4 Faces (Mukhi) Rudraksha helps to obtain spiritual faith and insight.

# Char Mukhi Rudraksha aid in meditation and spiritual sadhana

# 4 Faces (Mukhi) Rudraksha enables you to attain a growing sense of individuality, self-esteem and creativity.

# 4 Faces Rudraksha beads help to attain liberation (Moksha) after life.

# It also removes malefic affects of Planet Mercury and Jupiter. i.e – dull mind, lack of understanding power, difficulty in speech or communication, etc.

# 4 Faces (Mukhi) Rudraksha also eliminates the issues of lethargy and excess sleep.

# Excellent stone for public speakers.


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