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Energized Cats eye bracelets

 899.00  699.00

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“Made In India Products”

Energized Cats eye bracelets-One of the very divine bracelet that can completely change your life.
A crystal of abundance and business luck
Wearing a cat’s eye can help in return of your lost wealth. It also has the power to help you in restarting your failed business.
Cat’s eye is believed to bring luck and all around success.
A crystal for risk takers and adventure lovers.
It can ease the pain of your life and gives strength to accept life’s tough lessons. It helps in detachment from unhealthy materialistic or worldly attachments
It relieve from mental anxiety, stress and negative energies
It give freedom from lot of unnamed fears and complexes that keep a person crippled and hesitating from taking positive steps for oneself.
Protects you against black magic , witchcraft etc.


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