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MahaKali Raksha Sutra healing (Basic Level )

With the Divine grace of Gurus & Goddess Kali , Healing World™ presents MahaKali Raksha Sutra healing (Basic Level ) whatsapp video workshop ©Copyright Healing World™ 2017.All rights Reserved. . A Divine healing of Goddess Kali to attain Name, success , opportunities, abundance and protection in your life.
Duration – 9 days (19 Sept to 28 Sept 2020)
Course Contents
🚩How to connect with Divine Mother Kali through meditation.
🚩How to attract new opportunities in your life irrespective of market situation.
🚩How to heal your financial issues of your life and attract abundance and blessings of the Goddess in your life.
🚩 How to heal all your nine astrological planets and planetary doshas
🚩 How to come on the apex (top position ) in your work (both job or business) by overcoming your competitors with grace of Maa Kali
🚩How to heal your past life and this life karmas which are creating troubles and obstacles in your life.
🚩 How to attain all around success in your life.
🚩How to heal and protect yourself against all life troubles and dangers through Divine Shield of Maa Kali.
🚩How to protect yourself from the politics of your hidden enemies.
🚩How to get rid of your fears and negative thought patterns in your life using this Divine healing.
🚩How to get rid of limiting thought or limiting believes in your life and get a courage to attain your goals and targets using this Divine healing.
🚩 How to protect yourself against witchcraft, black magic and evil eye and other negativity from your life
🚩How to keep your home away from negative energies as well as keep your home environment very positive using this healing.
🚩 5 Divine symbols of this healing
🚩 Attunement, manuals and certificate of the healing will be provided.
Energy Exchange -Rs 3477/$70 (If registered by 10 September 2020)
After that Rs 3777/$77
For registrations please WhatsApp us at +91-9891944761 (For whatsapp only )
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