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Ruby Joscite Bracelet


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“Made In India Products”

One of the very effective and life transformation crystal used for

Developing leadership properties that strengthen the astrological planet sun which helps in increasing your power of authority and helps you in getting connected with people of higher authority.
Boosts your confidence and courage to overcome all your life problems
Fills your heart with love and compassion as it releases the grudges.
Heals your relationship and attracts new love in your life.
Clears confusion-One of the important advantage of Ruby is that it clears the confusions and the situations of indecision and increases your focus and creates alertness in the wearer.
Makes you efficient in time management-If you are unable to manage your workload and manage your time properly and efficiently then this crystal is one of the best one for you.
Enhances your personality and personality traits
Helpful in healing stress, healing eye sight issues as well
A mark of royalty, authority, and luxury, the crystal helps the wearer to achieve an imperial status and helps in living a luxurious lifestyle
Improves your self confidence and problem solving skills
A very effective crystal for career growth and success in your job and expansion of your business.

This crystal is energized and  programmed in Reiki, Nav Durga Siddha healing and magnified healing for best results.
A detailed manual with this product for how to wear this crystal and how to get the best results from this crystal will be provided. Follow the manual for best results.

(Disclaimer-The above mentioned uses are the natural healing properties of this crystal.This crystal does not ask you to stop your medicines or medical treatment, you can continue your medicines or treatment while wearing this crystal.So if your treatment for particular issue is going on you can still wear this crystal without stopping your medical treatment.)


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