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Serpentine Buddha bead bracelet


In stock



“Made In India Products”

Serpentine Buddha bead bracelet-A very powerful bracelet energized with divine healings to help you in healing various life issues and is basically used for
Spiritual growth and connecting with in oneself and for rise in Kundalini energies.
Helpful in healing all your seven chakras and removing the blockages form your chakras.
Helpful in healing the problems in your heart and lungs and is also an excellent crystal for cellular regeneration.
Brings optimism in your life and like minded (positive) people in your circle.
Can help you in making connection with mother earth and helps you in manifestation of all your goals and targets.
This divine bracelet is energized and programmed in Reiki, Nav Durga Siddha Healing and Magnified healing for best results.
You will also get a manual on how to use this product as well as how to get best results from this product.


(Disclaimer-The uses above mentioned are the natural healing properties of the crystal, this crystal does not ask you to replace your medicines/ treatment while using it.So if you are already taking treatment do not stop it.You can use the crystal while your treatment is going on)


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