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Lama Fera Healing Services

Lama Fera healing is another spiritual healing form, which has been practiced in various parts of the Himalayas over the centuries in Buddhist monasteries. It is an energy healing technique used for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing which involves calling upon Lord Buddha to come to the healing situation where the energy flows through the healer to the person who needs the healing. Lama Fera in India has been used since 620 BC.


The word ‘Lama’ in Buddhist terms means, Sadguru, an enlightened Guru, and ‘Fera’ means healing technique. The process of Lama Fera healing at Healing World can help improve spiritual abilities, give better results in meditation, relieve pain and discomfort caused due to chronic diseases, do away with unwanted spirits, cleanse buildings and places, overcome mental barriers like fear, anxiety, tension, poor concentration and memory and most importantly, connects the receiver with the Higher Self. Lama Fera healing is several times more powerful than other healings and gives faster results.


Lama Fera in India:

Between 1992 – 1995, Sh. S. K. Saini, a researcher in spiritual healing and enlightenment techniques, developed Lama-Fera healing under Mahavajrayana at the Nepal-Tibet border, under the guidance of the Lama Shri ‘‘Mandosa’’ And ‘‘Avdhesh ji’’ with the help of mantras and meditation with the use of Aghore Tantra. By the end of 1995, Sh. S.K. Saini added symbols with the use of ‘‘Shalvik Mantra Rahasya’’ (Conversion of Mantras into Symbols) for the use of laymen without any prior knowledge so that they can practice easily without long and tough meditation.

The two words Lama-Fera have their own importance and uniqueness and are viewed as the union of two worlds. Also, Lama refers to the follower who follows the philosophy from deep within his heart. The uniqueness of Lama Fera in India makes it different from other healing practices and it possesses the abundant power needed to treat the highest level of negative energies. Right after the session of Lama Fera healing, practitioners are able to sense the pleasant vibrations and changes, in the energy around them. Different sorts of negative energies are cleared in terms of both wealth and health and it never promotes or causes any physical problem or adverse reactions. Positive changes in the state of muscles, bones, tissues, basically in each cell happen to give strength and radiance to the person.

Now, coming to the basics of practicing Lama Fera healing, there are 12 symbols in the practice which function on highest frequency to eliminate negative trouble causing energies from their core within a short time period as compared to other practices. This system is practiced by the members of the Buddhist community and is appropriately practiced by people having knowledge about the Buddhist Path. Also, people not belonging to the Buddhist community can practice given that they have the basic understanding of Lord Buddha and their teachings with respect towards the philosophies taught by them and willingness to receive their healing. Thats is how Lama Fera in India had developed. Initially, the healers used the practice to heal others it believed that a learned monk would have surpassed the need of receiving emotional and mental healing and even if they needed it, their fellow monks would be available to do it for each other. But now with modern times of Lama Fera in India and added creativity, Lama Fera healers can heal themselves if they need to do so. Therefore, any person who wishes to learn techniques like Kundalini Reiki and Lama Fera healing can then heal others and themselves too.

In this system, the techniques are different from many other energy healing systems and like Lama Fera, it does not require laying on of hands. The most important role played by the healer in Lama Fera in India is that of becoming a connection between the Buddha and the receiver so that the healing process can take place. In monasteries, the sessions are of shorter duration than traditional style healing but they are repeated more often than Lama Fera till the healing sessions are completed.



  • It helps in sensing the vibrations and feel change in energy levels.
  • It helps in clearing negative energy or problems in business, property, health etc.
  • Lama Fera Healing promotes chemical processing of body, muscles, bones, digestive disorders and give strength and radiant energy.
  • It helps in striking a balance of physical and spiritual problems.
  • It helps in healing the root cause of diseases directly.
  • It helps in attaining and developing awareness, enlightenment, and knowledge.
  • It supports increasing activity, alertness, and self-confidence.
  • Lama Fera in India boosts good results in land, property matters and other disputes
  • It provides protection from black magic, curse, evil eye ,voodoo
  • It helps in attaining abundance and success in life
  • It gives protection from enemies.
  • It helps in repaying loans and settling debt issues.

There are 3 levels of Lama Fera in India and it is advised to be practiced during day time only. Kindly note, Lama Fera should not be practiced during night time unless it is an emergency case. Practitioners of Lama Fera in India receive a compulsory practice kit without which the healing activities cannot be performed.

Level1 Lama Fera

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  • A basic Lama Fera level in which we teach you 4 symbols of Lama Fera and tech you about…
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Level 3 Lama Fera

Booking Slots for 1st August to 31st August
  • Master Level –Last and final level of Lama Fera in which you will learn …
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