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Mindfulness Meditation in India with the 7 Chakras

Mindfulness meditation in India can help us humans in attaining the long-awaited inner healing. Human beings from time immemorial have wondered the secrets to achieving bountiful of happiness and leading a fulfilling life. Only a handful of them has realized that it all lies within the mortal flesh of our bodies and there is a lot more than what meets the eye when it comes to our material being and spiritual being combined. It is through techniques like mindful meditation in India and Reiki that one can achieve happiness in life by removing the problems from their roots.

A human body consists of 7 chakras which are weighed equal to the powerhouse or energy wheels which are responsible for emotions and thoughts, perceptions and actions, and everything else just as a powerhouse is responsible for the supply of electricity for running a mill. The supply of positive things in our life is directly connected to the karma in this life or the past lives. The negative or bad karma one faces is all due to the bad deeds of the past which create obstacles or blockages in the path of our happiness and wants by hindering the proper functioning of the chakras. Mindfulness meditation in India at Healing World helps relieve these blockages.


.Let us understand more about the functions of these chakras to know more about how Mindfulness Meditation in India works:

  1. Root Chakra / Mooladhar Chakra:

This chakra holds the responsibility of good health, vitality, sense of trust in the world, feeling safe and secure, stability, prosperity, ability to relax, overcoming obstacles and peace of mind.


  1. Sacral Chakra/Swadhisthan Chakra:

Wealth, sexual satisfaction, luxury, ability to change, respect in society and healthy relationships stem from the Root Chakra.


  1. Solar Plexus/Manipur Chakra:

Virtues like tranquility, inner harmony, confidence, willpower, healthy eyesight, self-acceptance, respect for nature and emotions of others, spontaneity, ability to meet challenges, healing addictions etc are gifted by this chakra.


  1. Heart Chakra/Anahat Chakra:

Compassion, loving others, self-love, empathy, balanced and efficient immune system, freedom from heart ailments like blood pressure etc, freedom from relationship problems, overcoming addictions, independence from emotional attachments are possible through Heart Chakra.


  1. Throat Chakra/Vissudhi Chakra:

A resonant voice, good sense of timing and rhythm, clear communication, creative and productive lives, curing throat diseases like a sore throat, tonsils are gifts of Throat Chakra.


  1. The Third Eye Chakra/Anjna Chakra:

Concentration, intuition, perception, imagination, good memory, sound sleep, reducing stress, curing insomnia, anxiety and other sleeping disorders, ability to think symbolically are results of active Anjana Chakra.


  1. Crown Chakra/Sahshrar Chakra:

The sense of spiritual connection, an open mind, wisdom and mastery, broad understanding, intelligence, thoughtfulness, awareness, ability to perceive, analyze and assimilate information arise here.

Understanding Aura


Mindfulness Meditation in India focuses upon the chakras as well as Aura, which is a transparent shell of energies surrounding the entire human body representing the health, lifestyle, mindset and many other factors about the person. A positive aura makes a person immune to negative energies or harm-causing practices by enemies such as black magic, voodoo or others. Developed with the help of mindfulness meditation in India, Aura acts as a magnet for positive energies making our bodies healthy and repelling negative energy. A person with a negative aura can be healed by cleansing the aura in order to let him/her receive the positive energy of healing and can get assistance with mindfulness meditation in India.

This light blue shield outside the human body is a representation a person’s aura.

The blue circular shield surrounding the human body is its aura and the seven spheres in different colors with symbols are chakras.


Relation between the Chakras and Auras

Mindfulness meditation in India and its relation with Chakras and Auras can be understood by taking the example of a person who is unable to sleep and is suffering from anxiety, we need to heal his third eye chakra and cleanse the blockages regularly to rid him of these issues. Since the person suffers from stress and anxiety, it can be said that his aura has negative energies which repel the flow of healing energies in their third eye chakra. Techniques like Mindfulness meditation in India or Karmic Reiki Services would be a healing factor in this situation. To heal that person, the first step would be to purify his aura and then healing the third eye chakra. In the same manner, various problems can be taken care of by following this process of identifying the chakra, cleansing, and healing of their aura and then of the chakra responsible. Also, with the technique of mindfulness meditation in India and reiki training, we can help you in channelizing your energy to be in more of a positive resonating vibe.

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