Cherry Quartz Bracelets

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Energized Cherry Quartz Bracelet- Cherry quartz is a crystal of hope, optimism, energy and enthusiasm. This crystal has a power to bring balance in your life and heal your mind body and soul. A crystal that helps you in becoming optimistic releasing your negative habits and makes you more adventurous and creative. A stone that helps you in overcoming laziness and encourages to work hard to achieve your goals and targets. Cherry quartz is a stone that brings energy in your life, restores balance and positivity in your life and is believed to help you in overcoming feeling of tiredness as well.

Product description

  • The bracelet is energized and blessed in Mahamrityunjay siddha healing and Asht Vinayak healing.
  • The bracelet bead size is 8mm.
  • We worked beautifully on the crystals.

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Primary Benefits
  • Helps you in feeling energetic, positive as well as hopeful in your life and helps you in dealing various situations of life with courage and optimism.
  • A stone that helps you in overcoming laziness and feeling of physical exhaustion.
  • A stone of adventure and creativity. If you are a person who believes in taking risks or believe in adventurous things then Cherry quartz is an ideal stone for you.
  • If you are in a business or working for startup then it’s a must buy crystal for you as it enhances your creativity as well as it also enhances your risk-taking ability as well as ability in making correct decisions.
  • A stone believed to protect you in travel.
  • A stone that helps you in spiritual growth and helps you in increasing your connection especially during meditation.
  • Helpful in releasing negative thoughts, negative thought patterns and helps you feeling positive.
  • A stone that helps you in restoring balance in your life and encourages you to enhance your performance as it is an energetic stone that gives you a balance in your strength to perform better.
  • A stone of courage, positivity which motivates you to come out of negativity and laziness and work hard for your dreams and goals.
  • Helpful in healing addiction and negative thought patterns as well.
  • A stone that helps you in clearing misunderstandings with your loved ones.
  • A stone that brings peace and happiness in your heart and calms your fears and gives you courage to be more and more adventurous in life.
  • If you are a person who travels a lot or who loves adventures then it’s a stone for you.
  • It shields your aura and protects you against any sort of negativity.
  • A powerful attractor of wealth, success and abundance in your life.
  • A stone of opportunities and goal manifestation.
  • Avoid using the bracelet while bathing especially.
  • Try to meditate holding the bracelet in your right hand daily for at least 5 mins.

Origin: INDIA


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