Green Aventurine Ganpati Pendants


Energized and Blessed Green aventurine Ganpati Pendants– Green Aventurine Ganpati pendant is one of the most auspicious pendants for healing your life obstacles, attaining success, wealth, abundance and getting freedom from fear and worries. People who wear this pendant attracts a lot of positivity and blessings as a result of that the person gets all around success, freedom from enemies and Ganpati himself heals his life troubles and obstacles.

Product Description

  • Ganpati pendant is energized and blessed in Asht Vinayak Siddha Healing and Mahamrityunjay Siddha healing.
  • Size – 0.7inch approx. to 1 inch approx.

More Details

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Primary Benefits

  • Green Aventurine Ganpati pendant attracts financial luck, abundance and prosperity in your life. It is believed that regular mantra chanting of Ganpati wearing this pendant brings a lot of opportunities and blessings in your life.
  • Green Aventurine Ganpati pendant is a very powerful healer of obstacles and troubles that might try to block your works and projects.
  • Green Aventurine Ganpati pendant helps you in healing your stuck matters and stuck cases from a very long time.
  • Helps you in overcoming your fears as well as your negative thought patterns.
  • Green Aventurine Ganpati pendant brings new opportunities in your life and it is believed that when you keep
  • Ganpati in your workplace temple and worship Him, Ganpati ji blesses you with tremendous positive opportunities for your growth and development.
  • It you going from financial hardship then it is believed that chanting every morning and every evening Ganpati mantra wearing this pendant, it helps you in overcoming financial miseries and issues.
  • It is believed that Green aventurine Ganpati pendant is helpful in increasing your sales & profit in your business.
  • Green aventurine Ganpati pendant blesses you with all around success and happiness.
  • Green Aventurine Ganpati pendant protects you from all sort of negativities as well as all dangers.
  • If you are struggling for your career, job or anything in your life then you must worship Ganpati.
    Green aventurine Ganpati pendant heals all your life issues and obstacles and it is believed that it also helps you in getting favours from Government related works.
  • Wear this pendant using red thread or orange thread.
  • Do not wear this pendant while bathing.
  • Daily chant Ganpati Mantras while wearing Ganpati pendant it helps you in overcoming all obstacles and get success.

Origin: INDIA


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