Green Kynaite Raw


Energized Green Kynaite Raw -An elite and very powerful and very high vibration stone that helps you in calming your mind and your thoughts, it dissolves your mental, emotional and spiritual confusion and helps you to release your stress and anxiety. It helps you in releasing negative thought patterns as well as helpful to calm and quiet the busy mind and enhance your psychic powers and helps you to enhance your connection in meditation. A stone of inner peace and spiritual growth.

Product description

  • The product is energized and blessed in Mahamrityunjay Siddha Healing and Asht Vinayak Siddha healing.
  • You will get Raw pieces of weight 50 grams in single order.

More Details

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Primary Benefits
  • A stone that calms your mind and your thoughts and help you in releasing your emotions.It is considered as a best stone for emotional healing.
  • A very powerful stone that heals your mind, body & soul.
  • A very Divine stone that helps you in getting rid from fears , negative thought patterns as well as confusion and gives you clarity of thoughts.
  • A stone that enhances your psychic powers as well as your connection with Divine.
  • A stone that enhances your spiritual connection during mediation.
  • A stone of inner peace & spiritual growth.
  • If you keep on overthinking then it’s a stone for you
  • A stone that helps you in releasing your negative habits as well.
  • A stone of transformation that brings complete change in your thinking process.
  • Keep the green kyanite in a bowl and place them on your work table or angel altar.
  • Try to meditate daily holding the Green Kynaite in your hand for atleast 5 mins
    Do not wash it with water.

Origin: RUSSIA


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