Kamdhenu Cow With Calf

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Energized Kamdhenu Cow with calf– A Divine metal idol that brings positivity, success and abundance at the place where it is kept. It is believed that this idol when kept at business place brings business luck and attracts a lot of success in business.

Product Description

  • The product is energized and blessed in Mahamrityunjay siddha healing and Asht Vinayak Siddha healing.
  • It’s a metal with brass coating on it
  • Weight Range – Between 100 to 120 grams.

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Primary Benefits
  • A very powerful attractor of positivity and peace at the place where it is kept.
  • A very powerful attractor of business luck and opportunities in your business.
  • Brings success and growth in your business.
  • Brings peace and harmony in your life.
  • Brings good luck and happiness in your life.
  • Helpful in manifestation of your goals and targets.
  • If kept on study table it is quite helpful for students in increasing concentration and focus.
  • A very powerful attractor of success and abundance in your life.
  • Keep it on your work table or study table or cash counter or Angel altar.
  • Do not wash it with water.
  • Daily offer dhoop batti to it if possible.

Origin: INDIA


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