Larvakite Tumbles


Energized Larvakite Tumbles- Larvakite is a very powerful stone of change & transformation, it brings change with in ourselves as well as it helps us in adjusting with that change. Larvakite helps you in coming out from your comfort zone & work hard to attain your goals & targets. It is also referred as a “worry stone”, as it heals your stress, anxiety & worries, and gives you peace and positivity. It is also a stone of emotional healing that helps you in healing your emotional pain& grudges that you are holding from a very long time. A stone of meditation that helps you in connecting with Divine Angels & Divine forces during meditation.

Product description

  • Size – 1-1.5 inch approx.
  • You will get 10 tumbles in 1 order
  • These tumbles are energized in MahamrityunjaySidhha healing and Asht Vinayak Siddha Healing.
  • These tumbles may have little or no scratches as they are carved out from natural stone.

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Primary Benefits
  • Larvakite is a stone of change & transformation that brings change with in us & helps us in adjusting with that change. It helps us in overcoming our negative habits & negative attitude and helps us in overcoming such powerful transformations.
  • Larvakite is a stone that helps you in focusing towards the positive aspect of the situation & helps you in overcoming any sort of negative situations or challenges by focusing more towards on the positive aspect of that situation.
  • Larvakite is a stone of emotional healing that helps you in healing emotional pain and grudges. It helps you in releasing any sort of negative memories of relationship break up, past failures and some traumatic situations. Larvakite helps you in healing and releasing any such painful emotions & memories.
  • Larvakite is also referred as a worry stone as it helps you in healing & grounding all worry-based thoughts, fears& anxiety and gives you peace & positivity.
  • Larvakite is a stone of motivation & endurance that helps you in passing the stage of transition (transformation) with ease & grace.It keeps you motivating to move forward with courage and optimism.
  • Larvakite helps you in coming out of your comfort zone & laziness and helps you in working hard to attain your goals and targets.
  • Larvakite is a stone of meditation that enhances connection with Divine angels & divine forces and enhances your intuition & psychic power.
  • Larvakite enhances our inner strength & will power & helps us in facing our challenges easily with confidence.
  • It is also considered as a stone of vitality & youthfulness.
  • It enhances your inner beauty and makes you humbler & down to earth.
  • Keep it in your Angel altar, workplace table or Home temple over red cloth.
  • Try to meditate holding the tumbles in your right hand daily for at least 5 mins.
  • Do not wash with water.

Origin: INDIA


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