Ruby Zoisite Bracelet


Energized Ruby Zoisite bracelet– Ruby Zoisite is a very powerful stone that is also known as Anyolite. It’s a stone of clarity that helps you in making correct decisions especially when your heart and mind are in conflict regarding a particular decision. It’s a stone of growth and success and it is believed that it attracts abundance and new opportunities to grow. Ruby Zoisite is a stone that heals your heart chakra and fill you with unconditional love, positivity and passion and enhance your relationship with your loved ones. Ruby zoisite is a stone of satisfaction, immunity and brings a sense of security.

Product Description

  • The bracelet is energized and blessed in Mahamrityunjay siddha healing and Asht Vinayak healing.
  • The bracelet bead size is 8mm.
  • We worked beautifully on the crystals.

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Primary Benefits
  • Ruby Zoisite is a stone of clarity that helps you in making correct decisions in life especially when there is conflict between your heart and mind (that is your heart is saying to go for a particular thing and mind is saying to go for other thing).
  • Ruby Zoisite is a stone of compassion that brings a feeling of compassion, endurance and gentleness towards yourself and others.
  • Ruby Zoisite is a stone of success, growth and new opportunities. It brings opportunities of success and growth in your life.
  • It is a stone of wealth, and abundance in your life.
  • It’s a lover stone that enhance the sense of trust towards your partner and enhances your chemistry with your partner.
  • Ruby Zoisite brings royalty in your life as it enhances your status and helps you in becoming more and more successful in job, career or business.
  • Ruby Zoisite helps you in releasing your suppressed anger and suppressed emotions and helps you in feeling light and happy.
  • Helps you in healing stress and anxiety.
  • Ruby Zoisite heals your heart chakra and fill you with unconditional love and positivity and feeling of compassion. It also helps you in moving on from negative memories of your past and start fresh life with positive attitude.
  • Ruby Zoisite is a stone of immunity, it strengthens your body’s immunity and brings a feeling of protection.
  • It heals your relationship with your friends and loved ones.
  • It’s a stone of leadership and helps you in enhancing your leadership skills and also helps you in getting connected with people of higher authority.
  • If you are finding it difficult to set personal goals or unable to work through your plans and schedule, then it is the right crystal for you.
  • Ruby Zoisite is a stone that enhances your personality, confidence and will power.


  • Avoid using the bracelet while bathing especially.
  • Try to meditate holding the bracelet in your right hand daily for at least 5 mins.


Origin: INDIA


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