Celestite Raw Bigger


Energized Celestite Raw bigger – Celestite is a very powerful stone of grounding, balancing & inner harmony. Celestite is a very powerful healer of our mind, body & soul that helps us in connecting with our inner self and brings peace, positivity and bliss in our life. It is a stone of wisdom, imagination & perception as it heals your third eye chakra and helps us in seeing a broader picture of a situation. It helps us in quieting the mind and helps you in getting rid from unnecessary thought patterns. It helps you in healing emotional pain and helps you in feeling calm and positive. It is also considered as a stone of intuition and psychic connection with your guardian angels. It is also considered as a stone of clarity as it helps you in making correct decisions using your intuitive & psychic powers & connection with your spirit guides & guardian angels. If you are sad in life and feeling disconnected from yourself then it’s a stone for you as it brings peace, positivity & courage to come back in your life with positive attitude.

Product description

  • Product weight -80 grams to 130 grams
  • Product size – Its random ranging between 1 to 2.5 inch since it’s a raw stone it doesn’t have any fix dimensions.
    Product is energized and blessed in Mahamrityunjay Siddha Healing and Asht Vinayak Siddha Healing.
    You will get one piece in single quantity order

More Details

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Primary Benefits
  • A stone of balancing and inner harmony as it heals your emotions and helps you in releasing your negative emotions and emotional traumas.
  • It’s a stone of Divine wisdom that helps you in connecting with your higher self and it also helps you in transforming and healing your beliefs and perceptions that might act as a block in your progress.
  • A stone of meditation that enhances your connection with your guardian angels, spirit guides and angels. It also helps you in enhancing your intuitive & psychic powers.
    A stone that helps us in quieting the unnecessary thoughts of our mind and helps us in feeling peace & positivity.
  • A stone of clarity & vision that helps you in taking correct decisions for your life issues & helps you in doing long term planning for attaining your goals & targets.
  • If you are not happy in your life then it’s a stone for you as it helps you in getting connected with your inner self and brings peace, optimism & courage to come back in your life with positive attitude.
  • A stone that enhances your intuition and gut feeling and helps you in understanding the hidden elements or hidden aspects of the situation which are not known to everyone for a particular situation and helps you in making correct decisions according to that particular situation.
  • Celestite changes your attitude to face the situation and challenges as it helps you in seeing the situation from a different perspective and gives you clarity in making correct decisions and facing the situation and challenges in much better way.
  • Since celestite helps you in seeing broader picture of a situation and finding hidden aspects of a situation it’s a very helpful stone for those who are into research work. Celestite has the power to bring our attention to those aspects of a situation, scenario or condition which others are ignoring but those aspects are very important in that particular scenario.
  • Meditation holding celestite enhances your concentration and focusing power and helps you in more focused on your studies and heals your fear of examination as well.
  • It’s a stone that enhances your visualization power and creativity and helps you in enhancing out of box thinking.
  • Since celestite enhances our creativity, it also enhances our problem-solving skills and helps us in bringing unique solutions to many complicated problems or scenarios.


  • Keep it in your Angel altar, home temple, study table or work table.
  • Meditate holding it in your right hand daily for atleast 5 mins.
  • Do not place this crystal in strong sunlight for longer duration.




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