Citrine Raw

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Energized Citrine Raw– is one of the most powerful crystal to heal your life abundance issues, brings prosperity and success in your life.

Product description

  • The crystal is energized and blessed in Mahamrityunjay siddha healing and Asht Vinayak healing.
  • The stone weight ranges between 206 grams to 350 grams.
  • Since these are raw stones the stone shape may differ from the images uploaded above as raw stones are natural stones who doesn’t have fixed shape and size.
  • We worked beautifully on the crystals.

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Primary Benefits
  • Attracting infinite abundance in your life.
  • Overcoming obstacles in your job/ business and career.
  • Overcoming your loan issues.
  • Helpful in your career & business growth.
  • Helpful in gaining name, fame and respect.
  • Overcoming all your obstacles in financial matters.
  • Helpful in improving your social status.
  • A pyramid of all-around success & business growth.
  • A pyramid that brings opportunities in your life.
  • Keep it in your tijori or workplace temple or worktable over red cloth.
  • Try to meditate holding the pyramid in your right hand daily for at least 5 mins.

Origin: INDIA


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