Desert Rose

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Energized Desert Rose – Desert rose is considered as a type of selenite, which helps you in feeling more connected during meditations and helps you in feeling grounded and balanced during challenging situations. It’s considered as a stone of mental clarity and helps you in increasing your focus & concentration. It’s considered as a stone of goal manifestation and spiritual growth and if kept at home or workplace it attracts a lot of positive vibes and positive energies, and helps in removing negative vibes from that place. Desert rose is a stone that has a power to cleanse all the other crystals that are kept in its surroundings. If it is kept in workplace, it is believed to bring positivity, new opportunities, success and abundance in your work and protects from workplace politics as well.

Product description

  • Stone size is random varies from 1 inch to 2 inch approx. as these are natural raw shape stones.
  • The stone is energized and blessed in Mahamrityunjay Siddha healing and Asht Vinayak siddha healing.
  • You will get one stone in the order.

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Primary Benefits
  • An ideal stone for meditation and healing stress and anxiety in your life, it helps you in feeling more grounded and balanced especially in challenging situations and gives you courage and intuitive messages to overcoming challenges that you are facing (Especially when you meditate holding it in your hands regularly).
  • A stone of new opportunities and success and protects you from all sort of work place politics and other obstacles.
  • A stone of clarity that helps you in seeing the situation from different perspectives and take a correct decision during various confusing situations of life.
  • A stone of connection and spiritual growth that helps you in getting connected with Divine energies during meditation.
  • A stone of protection that protects you against various sort of negative energies and shields your aura so that you won’t feel drained or exhausted when interacting with a negative person or negative situation.
  • A stone that heals the energies of the place where it is kept fills that place with positivity and harmonious energies.
  • Desert rose has the power to cleanse the energies of all the crystals kept in its surrounding, so if you have desert rose in your crystal collection you don’t need to do frequent cleansing of your crystals.
  • It’s a stone of manifestation of your goals and targets and it also helps you in increasing your intuitive powers which help you in making correct choices and decisions in your life.
  • A stone of opportunities and abundance, which helps you in attracting wealth, success and abundance in your life.
  • If you are facing too many obstacles in your life then you must use this stone for meditation as it heals your obstacles, heals your negative mindset and gives you a clear vision to attain your goal.
  • A stone of increasing concentration and focus, very good for especially students who lacks focus and concentration.
  • An auspicious stone for healing relationships.
  • It helps you in clearing misunderstandings with your loved ones.
  • A stone of grounding, that helps you in releasing and grounding your fears and negative thoughts.
  • A must stone for healers and tarot card readers.
  • Keep it in your Angel altar, workplace table or Home temple over red cloth.
  • Try to meditate holding the stone set in your right hand daily for at least 5 mins.
  • Do not wash with water or use wet cloth.

Origin: INDIA


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