Green Labradorite Raw Small


Energized Green Labradorite Raw small – One of the most powerful and affective stone for self-healing and is also used for protection, positivity, and attracting clients in your business. It is also used for aura protection and protection against evil eye as well.

Product description

  • The stone is energized and blessed in Mahamrityunjay siddha healing and Asht Vinayak Siddha healing.
  • The stone weight ranges between 132 grams to 250 grams.
  • You will get one stone in single quantity order

More Details

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Primary Benefits
  • This stone is used forhealing all your chakras.
  • Helpful in realizing your strengths and abilities.
  • Helpful in developing your psychic ability & focused intuition
  • One of the best stone for meditation and spiritual growth
  • Helpful in healing depression & insomnia.
  • A stone that strengthens& shields your Aura against any sort of negative energies.
  • A stone that creates an aura shield around the healer & protects from negative energies of clients Helpful in healing past life issues
  • Helps in increasing the client base of your business and startups.
  • Labradorite is always helpful in attracting new clients in your business & retaining old clients as well.
  • If you are starting a new business then it’s a must buy stone as it increases your client base as well as it protects you from any sort of negativity such as evil eye etc.
  • A very powerful stone of protection against black magic, witchcraft etc.
  • Keep the stone in your angel altar or home temple or work table over red cloth.
  • Try to meditate holding the stone in your right hand daily for at least 5 mins.

Origin: INDIA


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