Parad Shivling Small Size


Energized ParadShivling (small size ) One of the very powerful and affective Shivling that helps in complete transformation of your life, it is believed keeping ParadShivling at home brings a lot of positivity and blessings in your life and helps you in attracting abundance & success in your life.

Product Description

  • Size -1 inch approx
  • Mercury (Parad ) Ratio – 75 to 80% Approx.
  • Shivling is energized and blessed in Mahamrityunjay Siddha healing

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Primary Benefits
  • ParadShivling if kept in home temple or workplace temple helps you in healing all your life obstacles.
  • Creates positive vibrations around the place where its kept and worshipped regularly.
  • Helpful in healing your financial issues & problems.
  • Helpful in removing loan & debt issues.
  • Helpful in business growth / career growth and all around success.
  • Helpful in getting rid from stress ,anxiety and fear.
  • Protects you against all sort of negativity and negative energies such as witchcraft, black magic, evil eye etc.
  • Brings a lot of opportunities in your life
  • Brings harmony , peace & happiness in your family life.
  • Brings harmonious relationship among the couples
  • Do not drink the water offered to ParadShivling as water offered to Parad (Mercury) Shivling is not suitable for drinking , rather offer that water to some plants (Except tulsi).
  • Try to keep this Shivling in your home temple or office and try to light dia in front of it daily for best results.

Origin: INDIA


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