Red Coral Bhati Hanuman Ji Idol

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Red Coral Bhati Hanuman ji idol- is a very powerful and very affective idol of Hanuman ji for protection, positivity and success in your life. An idol when kept in your home brings tremendous positivity & removes all sort of worries, fears and negative energies. In Kaliyug Hanuman ji is Jagritdevta and worshipping Hanuman ji heals all sort of problems in your life.

This is good for:

  • Protection
  • Healing Stuck matters
  • Students
  • Protection against witchcraft & black magic
  • Success

Product Description.

  • Idol size – 3 to 4 inch approx.
  • Weight –  200 to 250 grams approx..
  • Idol is Energized and blessed with Mahamrityunjay Siddha Healing and Bal Hanuman Raksha Kawach healing.

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Primary Benefits
  • Removes all sort of negative energies present in your home/ office where this idol is kept properly and worshipped regularly.
  • Helps you in healing all sort of your life problems.
  • Protects you against all sort of your life problems.
  • If you feel that you are victim of Evil eye , Nazar Dosh or witchcraft or black magic then you must keep this idol in your home temple and worship it regularly.
  • Helpful for students especially who are not good in studies.
  • Helpful in overcoming any sort of legal troubles and issues.
  • Helpful in overcoming stuck matters.
  • Helpful for your business growth and protection from evil eye and negativity.
  • Brings all around success and growth.
  • Protects you from trap of your enemies.

Origin: INDIA


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