Rosequartz Ganpati

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Energized Rosequartz Ganpati – Rosequartz Ganpati is very auspicious Ganpati for having peace, harmony, unity and love among family members, positivity as well as helpful for attracting success in all endeavors and works of yours. Rosequartz Ganpati helps in healing your life obstacles, obstacles in your work as well as it ends delays in marriage as well. Rosequartz Ganpati strengthens the relationship of the couple as well as it strengthens the chemistry of the couple as well.

Product Description

  • Ganpati is energized and blessed in Asht Vinayak Siddha Healing and Mahamrityunjay Siddha healing.
  • Approximate weight – 200 to 300 grams
    Size – 2.5 inch to 3 inch approx.

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Primary Benefits
  • Rosequartz Ganpati is the very powerful form of Ganpati that brings peace, harmony and positivity in your life.
  • Rosequartz Ganpati helps you in attracting success, as well as it brings new opportunities in your life.
  • Rosequartz Ganpati heals your relationship with your loved ones, your family members as well as it strengthens the love and mutual understanding among family members.
  • Rosequartz Ganpati heals your life obstacles as well as it ends delays in your life.
  • Rosequartz Ganpati heals your stuck matters and end delays in such stuck matters.
  • Rosequartz Ganpati strengthens the love, chemistry and bonding among the couple and bless them with happy life.
  • Rosequartz Ganpati ends delays in marriage and if you meditate on Ganpati regularly it helps you in finding the correct life partner for your marriage.
  • Roseqaurtz Ganpati helps you in overcoming your fears and negative thoughts and negative thought patterns as well.
  • Rosequartz Ganpati attracts abundance, success and respect in your life.
  • Rosequartz Ganpati bless you with all around success and brings goodluck in your life.
  • Rosequartz Ganpati protects you from all sort of negativity such as witchcraft, black magic, ghost or spirit attacks as well.
  • Rosequartz Ganpati brings peace, positivity and divinity in your life.
  • Keep the Ganpati in your home temple, workplace temple or tijori or work table over red cloth.
    You can daily offer Dia and incense to Ganpati.
  • Daily chant Ganpati Mantras and meditate in front of Ganpati ji idol it helps you in overcoming all obstacles and get success.
  • Do not wash the idol with water.

Origin: INDIA


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