Level 2 Reiki


Reiki Level Two – is also known as Reiki distance healing level in which we can heal anyone without touching for instance a person sitting in Delhi can heal a person living in New York or any part of world.

In this level you will get 3 Reiki symbols.



Its course contents are as follows

  • Revision of Reiki Level 1
  • Introduction of Reiki symbols
  • Detailed study and uses od all 3 reiki symbols
  • White light meditation
  • How to heal yourself using Reiki Level 2
  • How to heal others using Reiki Level 2
  • How to heal all 7 chakras using symbols of reiki
  • How to attract abundance using Reiki symbols
  • How to heal diseases using Reiki
  • How to attain Goals using Reiki symbols
  • How to attract what you want in your life
  • Aura scanning
  • Chakra scanning
  • Attunement / Shaktipath in Reiki level 2
  • Manual
  • Certificate of Learning
  • Doubt session


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