Mahamrityunjay Siddha Healing (Basic Level)


Mahamrityunjay Siddha Healing is a channeled and a very powerful healing of Lord Shiva which has the power to give you everything in your life. This healing gives you name, fame, success, career growth, abundance and even spiritual growth. It’s a divine healing energy of Lord Shiva that helps you in overcoming your life miseries and helps you in growing both spiritually and materialistically.



Course Content for Basic Level

  1. Basic introduction on Mahamrityunjay Siddha Healing
  2. How to heal yourself and others with this divine healing of Lord Shiva
  3. A unique way of meditation to connect deeper with Lord Shiva and with the energy of this healing.
  4. How to attract abundance, success and opportunities in your life using this Divine Healing.
  5. How to manifest your goals and targets using this divine healing.
  6. How to heal your mind, body and soul using this Divine healing.
  7. How to get rid from your stress, anxiety and your painful past memories using this divine healing.
  8. How to grow in your career or business with the grace of this divine healing of Lord Shiva.
  9. How to protect and shield yourself against any sort of negative energy such as black magic etc.
  10. How to heal yourself so that you can get rid from your negative thoughts.
  11. How to bring peace, harmony and positivity in your home by using this unconditional love of Shiva.
  12. How to heal your relationship with your loved ones and your partner.
  13. How to attract a correct life partner with the grace of this healing.
  14. How to love yourself unconditionally so that you can do much better in your life.
  15. How to heal and release your past grudges and moving forward in your life.
  16. How to improve your thought process and mindset using this healing.
  17. How to protect yourself against any sort of work place politics or business politics or traps created by your hidden enemies using this divine healing.
  18. How to attain inner peace and positive state of mind using this healing.
  19. How to attain all around success in your life using this Divine healing.
  20. Attunement, Manual and certificate of the learning will be provided


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