Sai Baba Raksha Kawach Healing (Basic Level)


Sai Baba Raksha Kawach healing is one of the very powerful channelled healing for healing your past life bad karmas and issues and challenges that you are facing in your life. It is a healing that shows you a correct path, especially in a situation when you are not aware what to do in your life.

A healing to grow both on spiritual and materialistic path, this healing not only helps you in manifestation of your goals and targets, but also it helps in enhancing your Divine connection with Sai baba. This healing enhances your intuition that helps you in receiving guidance from Sai for various issues of your life.

This healing also helps you in healing your life obstacles and stuck matters. It also protects you against any sort of negative energies such as witchcraft, black magic etc. One of the very effective healing to heal your planetary doshas and planetary issues. It also helps you in growing in your career and business and attracting abundance and new opportunities in your life. If you are facing too many obstacles and hurdles in your life and are not able to get any solution for them, then it is a healing for you.



This healing is usually divided into two parts, Basic and advanced level. With the practice of Basic level, you can attain all your goals and worldly desires (if practised regularly with faith and if your desire is not harming anyone) and the basic level also gives you spiritual growth. The advanced level is only for those people who want to grow further in spiritual path (The advanced part is not for any materialistic manifestation and is conducted once in year, its details will be posted on events section before its commencement).

Course Contents

• Basic introduction on this healing.
• How to get connected with Sai Baba i.e., a unique way on how to meditate on Sai Baba and connect with
Sai Baba.
• How to heal your past life and this life bad karmas,
• How to heal your fears and stressful negative thoughts and how to overcome negative thought patterns
• How to heal all your financial problems, financial pains and financial debts and worries.
• How to grow in your career, job or business using this healing.
• How to heal your planetary doshas using this healing.
• How to overcome your life pains and problems.
• How to reduce your life sufferings using this Divine Kawach healing.
• How to release your hatred and working towards your Divine goal that is connecting yourself with Divine.
• How to protect yourself against witchcraft, black magic and evil eye and other negativity from your life
• How to heal your family relationship and your personal relationship using this divine healing.
• How to attract all around success using the power of this healing.
• How to heal your stress, anxiety and negative thought patterns using the power of this healing.
• How to heal yourself and others using this Divine healing.
• Attunement, Manual and certificate of learning will be provided.


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