Karmic Reiki


Karmic Reiki is a powerful practice that holds the key to solving all your life problems.

As the name suggests, this practice is based on Karma and heals Karmic obstacles that act as a barrier in the way of our life’s growth and happiness and provides relief from all pains and miseries.

And with the Karmic Reiki Services we offer at Healing World, you can cleanse your karma which is the first and crucial step in the healing process.



Karma can be put into simple words as our deeds and actions in the past lives and in the present.

Our karma influences our present and future. ‘What you sow is what you reap’ is a saying that fits well with the concept of Karma.

Karmic Reiki in India is a practice that understands that when healthy seeds are sown in a garden, positive Karma rewards us with positive outcomes and events in life, whereas just as an infected seed, negative or bad Karma results in rotten fruits or bad results in life.


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