MahaKali Raksha Sutra Healing (Basic Level)


MahaKali Raksha Sutra healing is a very powerfull channeled healing of Maa Kali that has the power to completely transform your life and helps you in overcoming all your life negativity and life obstacles.

Note that this is a Satvic healing of Divine Mother to help you in healing and transforming your life and overcoming your life problems and issues.

Goddess Kali is a Divine Mother who cares, nurtures, and protects Her children. She is a kind mother for her children, but when She sees Her children in danger, she becomes furious to protect them against any sort of danger and issues. She fulfils all the needs of Her children and protects Her children against all dangers and problems.
Through this healing you can easily overcome your life Karmic issues and obstacles and can manifest abundance, success, career, and business growth. This healing helps you in overcoming your life obstacles and life problems and helps you in getting successful in all your works and endeavours.
If you are about to sit in competitive exams or in your profession there is too much competitive atmosphere then this is an ideal healing for you as MahaKali helps you in getting success in competitions and protects you even from any planning and plotting of your competitors against you.

This healing protects you against your hidden enemies and helps you in staying unaffected from planning and plotting of your enemies. MahaKali Raksha Sutra healing can help you in overcoming your planetary doshas and planetary problems and helps you in attaining happiness, success and blissful life along with spiritual growth.



This healing is usually divided into two parts, Basic and advanced level. With the practice of Basic level, you can attain all your goals and worldly desires (if practiced regularly with faith and if your desire is not harming anyone) and the basic level also gives you spiritual growth. The advanced level is only for those people who want to grow further in spiritual path (The advanced part is not for any materialistic manifestation and is conducted once in year, its details will be posted on events section before its commencement).

Course Content

• Basic introduction to this healing.
• A unique way on how to meditate and connect with Maha Kali throughtheir powerful mantras.
• How to grow in your job, or career or business using this powerful healing.
• How to overcome your life obstacles using the blessings of Maha Kali.
• How to heal all your 9 astrological planets and planetary doshas using the power of this healing.
• How to overcome market competition and rise ahead against your competitors using power of this Divine healing.
• How to attract and abundance, success and prosperity in your life using this Divine healing.
• How to heal your bad money karma using this Divine healing.
• How to manifest your goals and targets using this Divine healing.
• How to protect yourself against negative forces such as witchcraft, black magic or evil eye using the power of this healing.
• How to protect yourself from your hidden enemies or workplace politics using the power of this Divine healing.
• How to attract all around success using the power of this healing.
• How to heal your stress, anxiety and negative thought patterns using the power of this healing.
• How to heal yourself and others using this Divine healing.
• Attunement, Manual and certificate of learning will be provided.


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