Nine Prosperity Rituals


Nine prosperity Rituals is one of the very powerful 9 rituals workshop for manifestation of abundance, success, prosperity, business, and career growth. In this workshop you will learn 9 powerful ancient rituals of Ganpati Ji, Shiv Ji, Lakshmi Ji, Shri Dutta Guru, and other deities. These rituals are powerful and very auspicious that has the power to bring positive changes in your life, if practiced daily with complete faith and gratitude.
A Divine workshop in which you will be taught 9 very powerful rituals through which you can manifest abundance and prosperity in your life easily if you practice the rituals (Anyone of the ritual) regularly with complete faith.
Note that this is not a healing workshop it is a ritual workshop in which you will learn 9 prosperity rituals and you can choose any one of these 9 rituals for practicing regularly and you must practice it regularly as these rituals has the power to bring positive transformation in your life.



Note that these are rituals which are very powerful and very affective rituals of Shri Ganpati, Maa Lakshmi, Shiv Shakti, Kuber ji and other Devi devtas and are very helpful if done with complete faith and patience.

Course Contents
By learning these rituals, you can heal these issues of your life easily by practising them regularly as guided you in the workshop.
• Attracting abundance in your life
• Resolving your loans and debts issues
• Increasing your business sales and profits
• For getting desired job
• Making financial stability in life
• How to heal your bad money karma, the main reason why we face obstacles in earning abundance and success despite working very hard.
• Recovery of stuck money
• Removing all obstacles and hurdles in your job/ business and helps you in growing in your field and profession
• Creating more opportunities in your life
• All around success and name, fame in your life.
• Manual and certificate of learning


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